Monday, February 20, 2017

Malleus Lullabies in Haus Poster

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This is the brand new poster Malleus created for Lullabies, a vinyl shop that recently moved into Haus in Vimercate Italy, an amazing space where local artists cooperating together share experiences and grow professionally.

It’s a 7 color screen print with blacklight red on a yellow paper in a limited edition of 128 prints.

On sale now at the Haus Webstore.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

James Eads Sands of the Shimmering Sea Print Release

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On Tuesday James Eads will be releasing his latest screenprint. This is his first exploration into the world of shimmer sand - think glitter, but better.

"The Sands of the Shimmering Sea" is a 12" x16" nine color screenprint. For the ninth layer he printed a transparent yellow color and hand brushed it with shimmer sand to give it a metallic glitter-like finish.*

Prints are hand signed and numbered in a limited edition of 46 in a one and a half inch black border.

Available Tuesday, February 21st at 4PM Pacific Time at for $65

According to James the shimmer sand is very hard to capture, this image is a mock up. The shimmer sand coats the lighter color of the crashing waves. Prints will ship flat with a protective sleeve.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Brandon Heart Metallica Kobenhavn Denmark Posters Release

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Official Metallica København, Denmark posters by Brandon Heart

Available for purchase on Friday, February 17th at 1pm PST - F4DSTUDIOS.COM

All posters measure 18" x 24" and are 6 color screen prints for Metallica's February 3rd, February 5th, February 7th and February 9th 2017 shows at the Royal Arena in København, Denmark. Prints are signed/numbered by artist Brandon Heart with only 50 of each available worldwide.

There will be an option to purchase the prints individually or as a 2 piece matching number set as well as a handful of 4 piece matching number sets (that will include a discount off the original list price)

The Half and Half Dum Spiro Spero Print Release By Sally Centigrade Gallery

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Sally Centigrade Art Gallery in Denver has started a series of prints titled "Travel By Screen". For the series 51 screen printers were chosen, one from each state + Washington DC, each making a screen print themed and or inspired by an area code in their state.

The Half and Half created this weeks release with the print called Dum Spiro Spero
its the state motto for South Carolina, it means "while I breath, I hope". The print measure 18 x 24 and has an edition of 50.

Buy it at

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Brian Methe Waiting On A Friend And Pussy Power Prints

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Brian Methe has released a couple new prints.  "Waiting On A Friend" is an illustration of Eddie Vedder and Neil Young sharing a beverage. This is a limited edition three-color screen printed art print entitled "Waiting on a Friend". A friend of Brian's asked him to draw this image of Eddie Vedder from Pearl Jam sharing a libation with the Godfather of Grunge, Neil Young. Brian liked how the drawing turned out and decided to turn it into a limited edition print.

The image was drawn by hand and screen printed, three-colors with a split fountain layer and a transparent layer.

The print measures 16X20 and is signed and numbered by the artist in an AP run of 30.

The other is a one-color mini print (9X12) called "Pussy Power" which was created in honor of the Women's March.  A portion of proceeds from this print will be donated to women's causes.This is an art print I created following the Women's March on Washington. 
Buy them in his Etsy Store HERE

Cristian Eres The Fifth Element Movie Posters Release

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Cult Classic Prints Presents: The Fifth Element "Caretakers of the Stones" & "Safekeeper of the Stones" Variant by Cristian Eres

Available now via

Following Cristian's Arrival print, next up in their sci-fi series reaching out to other worlds, they couldn't think of a movie more perfect than The Fifth Element for Cristian's style, those of you that know the movie well will know Jean Giraud "Moebius" created storyboards and concept designs on many parts of the movie along with fellow collaborator, artist & friend Jean-Claude Mezieres. Mezieres's Valérian and Laureline comic book series (often referenced as inspiration for George Lucas's fairly well known space series) is also being adapted by Luc Besson this year for screen, so it kind of felt only right to approach Cristian to produce a print (or two) for The Fifth Element who cites Moebius as being his main inspiration for his art and who is a huge fan of sci-fi.

Regular colors inspired by both Korben and Leeloo's clothing thus also a nod to Jean Paul Gaultier.

Variant wise they decided to make it quite different, art nouveau in style, with the Mondoshawans taking centre stage in the regular and being the caretakers of the stones we thought this would be an appropriate companion piece (at a smaller size) with the Diva being entrusted by the Mondoshawans to safekeep the stones.

**Caretakers of the Stones** Regular
Max Run 75
Screen Print
Specialist Curious Metallic Ice Silver 300gsm Paper
£47 GBP excluding shipping

**Safekeeper of the Stones** Variant
Max Run 75
Light Blue, Gold and Silver Metallic Inks
Screen Print
£39 GBP excluding shipping

Kevin Tong Arrival Movie Poster Release From Mondo

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Happening on Thursday, Mondo will have a couple of new posters for one of the best films to come out of 2016: Denis Villeneuve's stunning sci-fi tale, Arrival. Mondo are such huge fans of the movie and when the opportunity came to create a poster for it, they knew Kevin Tong would be a great fit to handle artwork. Kevin has created a beautiful and poignant scene that manages to perfectly balance the emotional core at the center of film faced by Louise Banks (played expertly by Amy Adams) with the cold and desolate production design of the spacecraft. Kevin's composition and use of negative space cleverly amplifies and creates a mood of isolation and tension while also serving as a visual representation of the "weight of knowledge" being dropped on Louise throughout the film.

Arrival just arrived on Blu-ray and Digital HD this week, so if you haven't seen the film, they recommend course correcting as soon as possible. The posters will be available at a random time Thursday at

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Maxx242 And Ian Williams Toontown Love Prints

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Maxx242 and Ian Williams created a few Roger Rabbit / Nightmare Before Christmas posters that Fighting 4 Dream just put up for Valentine's Day. Honey Bunny, Love Cup and Toontown make up the 3 print set.

Each print in the series measures 18" x 24", is printed on high quality Epson archival textured fine art paper and is a signed and numbered edition of only 50 prints.

The 3 piece collaboration print set by artists Maxx242 and Ian Williams are available now at

Tara McPherson Drift Letterpress Print Pow Wow Hawaii

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Alongside their friends at POW! WOW! 1xRUN are excited to announce the 5th Annual 1xRUN x POW! WOW! Hawaii Print Suite featuring the 2017 roster for POW! WOW! Hawaii! They kicked things off on February 8th and releases will run until February 23rd! 1xRUN will also be back at Lana Lane for the 5th Annual 1xRUN x POW! WOW! Print Exhibition which will run from the 14th through 18th. Be sure to stop by and see them if you're out in Honolulu and if you can't make it be sure to snag your favorites while you still can.

One of the new releases is from Tara McPherson with a letterpress print titled Drift. It's a 17 x 17 4-Color Letterpress Print On 290gsm Coventry Rag Fine Art Paper. You can also chose a hand embellished editions as well. 

Tara talks Pow Wow and art:
We are here in Hawaii for Pow! Wow! and things are going so wonderfully. The jetlag has passed, we have eaten Poke, and have gotten some sun, and now it's time to paint paint paint!

This week is all about my image 'Drift' that I created for my mural for Pow! Wow! Hawaii!! I started the mural last night and will begin painting today. I signed the amazing letterpress print by 1xRun of my Pow! Wow! peice, and it goes on sale today! And I'll be hand embellishing the special edition this afternoon. And the opening at the Honolulu Museum of Art was great and all the pieces look awesome! Yay Hawaii!!

If you happen to be on Oahu, you can find me painting all week at the corner of Cooke and Auahi in Kaka'ako, and you can visit my mural anytime there after! We also have a little pop up shop at Pow! Wow! inside Lana Lane Studios around the corner from my mural, and at Big Bad Wolf where you can find a small selection of prints, pins and stickers!
Purchase the main edition letterpress here!
Purchase the hand embellished edition here!

Tom Whalen Anthrax New York New York Poster Release

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Rockabilla has a new poster by Tom Whalen dropping this week and Anthrax is featured.

From Tom:
It wasn't until I was in college that I got my first real dose of Anthrax with 1993's "Sound of White Noise."

As a child of the '80s who grew up on the east coast, you'd think I'd have discovered and loved them from their outset, but with a decidedly sheltered musical taste (shaped mainly by the pop hits of NBC's Friday Night Videos), it wasn't meant to be.

The upside of my college-years epiphany is that there was a treasure trove of classic Anthrax albums sitting there waiting for me to discover. I devoured everything from "Spreading the Disease" to "Among the Living" to "Persistence of Time" in short order.

Twenty-some years after I found them, Anthrax is creating some of the most vital, exciting music of their careers. They remain one of my all-time favorite bands and it is an honor to have collaborated with them on the "New York, New York" design that celebrates their roots, spirit and longevity.
The poster measures 18x24 and it's a 3 color screen print poster on Cougar Natural Paper
Hand-numbered Limited edition of 181
Printed by Lady Lazarus

Available on at 11:00 a.m. CST on Thursday, February 16th